Paul McCartney Concert Experience – Lexington, Kentucky 2019

Back on June 1st I had the chance to see Paul freakin McCartney in concert at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky as part of his “Freshen Up” tour.

Paul performed in Louisville KY at the KFC Yum Center back in 2014. I also attended that show. But this was the first time Paul had played at Rupp Arena since the 90s. Living just outside of Lexington I knew I HAD to go to this show.

I’m not sure how many of you remember, but tickets for this leg of the tour went on sale on September 7th, 2018 which was also the day he released his new album “Egypt Station”. On that specific day I was more concerned about buying the new versions of the album than buying actual concert tickets. I mean it’s not like I had the money for tickets anyways 🙄

Over the months leading up to the concert I tried every way in the world to get tickets. I entered giveaway contests from local radio stations I emailed PR people.. you name it, I tried it. But nothing worked out.

I ended up buying tickets the day of the concert at around 3 AM (if my memory is correct). We searched Craigslist, Facebook, and hundreds of ticket websites. The best deal we could find was on Seatgeek (not sponsored – wish it was). We also found a promo code that took $20 off the total so that helped.

We live pretty close to Rupp Arena so the night before the show we drove downtown and took photos of the signs and all the fun stuff crazy fans do.

Okay so the day of the show we got to the arena pretty early because I wanted to meet up with some friends, take photos, and try to catch the limo watch. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the limo watch. I actually don’t think anyone saw it because of the layout of the arena but I could be wrong.

At the merch stand I bought this shirt! It was my favorite out of the bunch. Below are some photos of the merch stand as well.

We got seated pretty early. I happened to look a row behind me and found someone I recognized from Instagram. We talked for a while and that made time go by pretty quickly.

And then… the man himself came out. And yeah, I cried.

Check out my YouTube vlog for video!

If you’ve never seen Paul McCartney in concert, you should know that he REALLy puts on a show. It’s almost indescribable.

Here’s some photos from after the concert:

Literally best day ever 😭

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