Cool Items Every Music Room Needs

Like every other person that does online shopping I spend a lot of time on Amazon. I actually don’t buy online that much, I spend most of the time searching for cool items for the music room. I can’t afford these all myself so I’m making this list so hopefully you guys can find some awesome stuff for your music / vinyl record room.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click through the links and make a purchase I will get a small commission and no extra cost to you!

Record Rugs

While searching for a new rug for the music room I stumbled upon these awesome rugs made to look like a vinyl record. It’s too bad they have to use a generic label instead of a real one but it’s still pretty cool. Purchase here:

Vinyl Junkie Sign

While searching for items for this blog post I found this beautiful vinyl junkie LED sign. I’m thinking this will be my next purchase!!! Available here:

Vinyl Coasters

If you allow drinks in your music room, check out these awesome vinyl record coasters! Buy here:

Throw Pillows

If you have a couch check out these throw pillows! Lots of vinyl related ones or designs with your favorite band! Available here:

Record Frames

Here’s some record frames in case you want to hang some of your album artwork. Be sure to read the description / listing to see the size and make sure the frames are large enough to hold the record you’re wanting to frame. For example, if you want to frame a double LP record you might want to buy a larger frame. Check them out there:

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