Starting A Music Blog or YouTube Channel

Over the years I’ve been asked several times how and where to start a blog or YouTube channel. It’s kind of hard to answer all those questions in limited character space so I decided to make it into a blog post.

I started blogging around 2012 in the Tumblr days when I was a super annoying 13 year old. Started my YouTube channel shortly after and it’s turned into what I do today.

The first place you’re gonna start is the topic of your blog. The best advice I can give you here is make sure your blog is about something you love. A topic that you could talk and write about for hours. If you’re in it for money or some silly reason… you’re in the wrong place. Your goal should be sharing what you love, meeting others, and having fun along the way.

A blog topic is very important and should be easy to identify by the first page of your blog. People are going to be very confused if one week you’re talking about music and the next week is video games. Of course, it’s okay to talk about other things besides the main topic. But generally, people don’t like your blog to veer.

Next you wanna choose a name for your blog. This part can be tricky and you might really need some time to think about this. I wouldn’t recommend using your first and last name for security reasons. Maybe try your first and middle name. Or some other pairing. Before ‘Kristine Summer’ I went by many different URLs and blog names. And finally I came to this one, which I love and don’t see myself changing anytime soon. You want to choose a name that you’re comfortable with and plan to use for a long time.

I would suggest that all your social media handles and blog title are the same. But if your username is taken on a social.. don’t worry. The original @ kristinesummer is taken everywhere. But I simply added an underscore after my name and people can find me easily. So my account shows up whenever someone search Kristine Summer. 🙂

Now we’re at the point where you want to actually start your blog. Now this is exciting! First I will tackle an actual website and blog set up… if you’re looking for YouTube scroll on down.

Website / blog: The only thing you really need to create a website is a computer. I do not believe you can create a site from a mobile device. My website is currently running on the free version of WordPress which I can recommend for a beginner. You can always upgrade later. WordPress is easy to set up and customize. The free version also has many themes to choose from so I’m sure you will find one that tickles your pickle.

On a beginner website the main things you should have are an about page and a contact page. They are both simple to set up and help your visitors learn more about you and have an easy way to contact you. I would recommend that your blog has a “clean” look. And maybe remove anything that doesn’t add to your blog. Have someone else look at your site and make sure everything looks good.

Now you can begin writing your blog posts! This should come pretty natural if you’re talking about a subject your love so just let the words flow… neatly. The only other advice I can give here is to add photos to your blog posts for a visual.

YouTube Channel: The beauty about YouTube is that you can do videos and everything else from a reasonably up to date phone. I record, edit, and upload videos from my iPhone 8. I’ve been making videos from my iPhone ever since I started YouTube. Everyone believes you have to own some fancy DSLR camera – nope! Work with what you got!

Create your YouTube channel and start uploading videos. I use the regular camera app to video and I use iMovie app to edit. Which does take some time to master, but there are tutorials. As for the content of your video, make sure the quality is good. Sound and lighting are so important. After you upload your video onto your channel pick a fitting title and thumbnail and you’re ready to go.

Don’t expect to gain 100 followers overnight. Blogging is hard work if you really put your heart into it. The best advice I can give for gaining followers and views is to network. Whatever you do – do not comment on other’s blog posts or videos and say “check out my channel” that is a big no-no and will mostly likely get marked as spam. Remember, part of blogging is to make friends and follow others who blog and like the same things as you.

That’s all I got for today. If you’ve thought about making a blog or channel.. then this is your sign to stop what you’re currently doing and get your butt in gear. Stop waiting for the “right” time and just do it!

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