Catching the Beatles Bug

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is how I became a Beatles fan. I’ve always joked that I was destined to become a super fan because when I think back to my first Beatles memories I can remember them so vividly.

Before I actually became a fan I had many run-ins with the Beatles. I could probably make an entire blog post of my pre-fan memories…. but that’s for another day. There’s no one specific event that happened that led me to fall in love with the band. More like a chain of events.

My first actual encounter with the Beatles music was when they were introduced on iTunes. In 2010 CBS news done a story about the Apple vs Apple dispute and for some reason the story really caught my eye. I had always heard about the Beatles and knew a couple songs. I don’t know why, but that night I decided to look them up and listen to some of their music. I don’t even remember what songs I listened to.

Fast forward a couple months – I’m in middle school now. My history teacher pulls the map down talking about two rivers. He says “These two rivers come together….. right now… over me!” And begins singing Come Together. I thought “Hey I’ve heard that song! I’m gonna listen to that when I get home.” Looked the song up to see its by The Beatles – cool. Never thought anymore of it.

It was after those events that the Beatles started showing up everywhere in my life. Beatles shirts would suddenly appear at Walmart, someone on Facebook would share a Beatles song, I would hear them on TV or radio. Maybe The Beatles had been around me all my life and I was just now noticing… but they seemed to be following me.

Over the next few months I began listening to them more and more. I’ve actually found the files where I first downloaded some songs onto my computer:

In the summer going into the eighth grade (summer 2011) Walmart began selling some Beatles themed school supplies. I bought two of the notebooks, intending to use them, but to this day they don’t have a single mark in them. That summer I also bought my first Beatles shirt… and later on I bought a copy of Beatles Rockband to play on my Wii.

By this time I had also started posting about the Beatles on my Tumblr blog, sharing photos, edits, and GIFs. Soon my entire blog became dedicated to The Beatles and I think that’s when I really became a super fan.

Eight years later and I’m still blogging about them and sharing my collection and love of the band on the internet.

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