Why I Love Record Stores

Today we’re going to be talking about one of my major loves… record stores.

My first couple years of collecting I only bought records from flea markets. The nearest record store was almost three hours away and no one in my family wanted to drive to a “big” city. I always checked flea markets, vendors malls, junk stores, yard sales… just anywhere that might have a record or two for sale. 

We hit up the same outside flea market every Sunday and I truly found grails at this flea market. No matter the weather we headed out and I remember flipping through bins til my hands were almost froze off. When I think about crate digging that’s the place I see myself. Every Sunday we got out of the car I never knew what I was going to find.

After about three years I was finally able to visit my first record store: Wild Honey Records in Knoxville, Tennessee. And listen I’m not gonna be cliche here but the feeling truly isn’t like any other. 

This was my first time seeing remastered / reissued albums in person… it was pretty wild for me to say the least. The worker was so friendly and helped us to find any album we wanted. And while paying for my things we chatted and realized we had attended the same Paul McCartney concert the year before! We actually high-fived in the store. It was such a memorable experience and since day 1 I’ve always wanted to go back there but haven’t had the chance …. yet.

My second record store experience was when I took a trip to Lexington. I checked out CD Central and POPS Resale. Since then I have ended up moving near Lexington and I go to these record stores weekly. But it’s still my first trips that I always remember.

It’s weird… even after visiting some pretty big records stores I still find myself in junk stores and flea markets looking to spot some records. Every record store I’ve visited will always hold a special place in my heart.

One thought on “Why I Love Record Stores

  1. Nice article Kristine. Loved your take on the excitement of discovering the LP remasters and talking to and relating with the record store staff. Years ago I worked in a record store and I always enjoyed helping the customers discover new and old classic recordings. My POV is in reverse, I’m sadden by the closing of so many record stores. They use to be easy to find and were all over the place. Now, as you say I have to hunt them down and drive great distances to go to them. But I also have found a few treasure bin diving in the thrift stores.


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