The Fest for Beatles Fans Chicago 2018

It’s January -aka- it’s been 5 months since The Fest for Beatles Fans took place. The weekend of Beatles Fest was the best weekend of my entire life… I made two videos to document the experience, but now I want to look back at the amazing weekend in blog form.

When we first arrived we checked into the hotel – which was totally Beatle-fied. All the staff were wearing Beatles shirts and various references to the Beatles were everywhere.  We made it to our room and unpacked a little. We didn’t stay long in the room because I was way too excited to go downstairs and check everything out.

The first place we visited was the fest marketplace which – as you can guess – was filled with a ton of merchandise. I actually didn’t buy any merchandise there – just some fest shirts for memories. Next to the fest marketplace was the vendor marketplace. I went down the line and checked out every table and chatted with some of the vendors. Most of them were authors selling their Beatles related books. There was also some crates of records set up and even someone selling jewelry and crafts.

Next we ventured through the hotel. There are activities going on throughout the entire hotel and it’s big so you gotta look around. There was an art room, memorabilia exhibit, art exhibit, Ringo Starr drum exhibit, and a ton of other rooms.

We then headed to the stage where Jack Douglas was about to give a presentation. Hearing him speak was amazing. And later on I met him and got him to sign my copy of Double Fantasy. We also stayed to see Peter Asher and Jeremy Clyde perform. Also met them!

I’m probably leaving out a million things that happened that day but I think I got most of the important stuff. I spent a lot of the day chatting with people. This was my first Beatles convention so I was meeting people that I had known for years! That was definitely the best part.

Day 2 began by hearing Geoff Emerick speak…. it’s so weird telling the story now because sadly Geoff Emerick has passed away. Knowing that makes my interaction with him so important to me. In the lobby I saw Geoff and his manager… his manager knew me from Instagram and kind of introduced us.. he said to Geoff, “This is the Instagram girl!”. Later in the day I got in line to get Geoff’s autograph… we he saw me he recognized me and said “Hey, the Instagram girl!” and when he said “Instagram” his accent really came out and I loved it 😀 haha. He signed my copy of Sgt. Pepper and gave me and my boyfriend Emerick shirts – but only if I agreed to wear one in a video. ❤

What happened immediately after that is fuzzy.. I think I was slap happy. We went to the room where they hosted the Beatles trivia. I was dying to play a round because I thought this might be the only fest I get to attend. I braved my anxiety and signed up. Made it to the second round. It was embarrassing but I will always be happy I decided to participate.

Later that day we heard Leslie Cavendish speak – also met him and bought his book. We also visited one of the side rooms to hear my friend Sara speak about the Beatles fan clubs.

And lastly we sat in the ballroom for the grand-jam. I’m pretty sure it brought tears to my eyes. The closest you’ll ever get to a Beatles concert without seeing the real thing. Just having every standing singing along was so great… I’ll never forget the feeling.

Once the concert was over me and my boyfriend headed back to our room. We were talking about the night and I began telling him how it had been the best weekend ever… that’s when he got down on one knee and PROPOSED to me. He had planned the whole thing for months. Of course I said yes.

I’m sure I’m leaving out a lot of stuff. But the whole thing was a whirlwind. So much happening in so little time. I totally recommend everyone go to the fest at least once to experience it. ❤

Thanks for reading about my fest experience. I also have the videos on my YouTube channel if you wanna check those out!

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